If You Don’t Think You Need a VP of Product, VP of Marketing, Etc. — Then You Haven’t Worked With a Great One


I’ve read quite a few blog posts over the years.  One of the very best though is this one from Joe Kraus, founder and CEO of Excite — “If You Don’t Think You Need It — You Haven’t Seen Greatness.”

I want to expand upon it here for SaaS.

Joe’s point is that until he’d worked with a great head of product marketing, and a great general counsel … he didn’t even know he needed one.

vice_president_of_awesome_mugI learned the same.  Basically, in SaaS, everyone “gets” that they need a VP of Sales.  Even if they’ve never sold anything before.  Either, they don’t have enough customers, enough velocity, so they magically think a VPS can solve that.  She can’t — as we’ve discussed here.  Or, as founders, we cross $1-$1.5m in ARR, get to Initial Traction, and then realize, we have to scale.  Hire not…

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